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Dan Leach

Real Estate Agent

Dan has lived in Bucks County his entire life with the exception of 4 short years while away at state college PA studying business. He received his degree while working for Bank of America loan services department and went directly into the mortgage industry as a loan officer after graduating.  During this time he simultaneously flipped a house in Bristol Borough as a side project with fellow agent David Cary.  Having never done anything involving flipping a house he was a super sponge soaking up everything on YouTube, fellow house flippers, friends and anyone in between who would give him 5 minutes to pick their brain. Flipping houses became more than a side project that has now led to 7 rental units and multiple fix and flips since 2010.  Dan is also an accredited DE underwriter and can answer many questions when it comes to the financing end of buying a home.  He loves to work along side buyers to find their dream home or sell their existing residence. His broad knowledge of the real estate industry including financing, underwriting, investing and renting makes him a one stop shop when it comes to buying or selling your house!

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